Magic Stocking (2015)

Magic Stocking

Lindsey Monroe can’t get into the Christmas spirit. Since her husband Doug passed away five years ago right before Christmas, all of the season’s festivities are too painful to bear, and the last three Christmases have been celebration-free. But Lindsey’s eleven-year-old daughter Hannah is now pushing for a proper Christmas with all the trimmings, and Lindsey relents, letting Hannah buy a second-hand Christmas stocking at the annual church Rummage Sale. Then weird things start happening—objects seem to appear in the stocking, and just when they are needed most—including items that lead her time and again into the path of handsome carpenter, Scott. Is it a coincidence? Or is there magic afoot?


Stars: Bridget Regan & Victor Webster

Writer: Buddy Baron

Director: David Winning

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries